About us

MackNet is a digital service provider based in Luxembourg offering a range of services including:
Technical IT Support
Web, App and Software Engineering
Hosting of Websites, Servers and Cloud
Backup Solutions

We offer years of experience in the field of web, app and software engineering. No matter if you need a small website or an extensive scalable business application.

We offer web, software and server hosting solutions so you do not need to care about scaling your IT infrastructure yourself.

Do you have an office and a lot of important data? No problem, we can provide you with complete network and backup solutions so you can concentrate on your core business.

We offer provisioning & support for business, medical center and home networks including hard- and software. We can cover all aspects of your business and home IT.

You need a cloud for storing and sharing your data but do not want your data to be processed by a multinational company outside of the european union? We got you covered with Nextcloud hosted in Luxembourg so that your data is safe.

Would you like to have more reliable IT solutions for your business? Don't hesitate to contact us.